Krakow Sightseeing Tour

The tour will begin at the Wawel Hill, where the two most important historical ensembles of Krakow are located: the Royal Castle with a Renaissance courtyard and the Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus – the coronation place of Polish kings, and today their necropolis. The Royal Route runs from Grodzka and Kanonicza streets to the Main Square, which still looks the same as in 1257 – the year the city was founded under the Magdeburg rights. Here, one will find buildings that played a significant role in the history of the city, such as Sukiennice (Cloth Hall), or rather the cloth stalls, i.e., a medieval trading house that was established in the 13th century, but assumed a Gothic form hundred years later; the Town Hall Tower (that currently houses a cafeteria in its basement, the successor to the famous medieval inn that served the best Świdnica beer in Poland) or one of the symbols of Krakow – St. Mary’s Basilica with an altar by Wit Stwosz. It is the largest Gothic structure of its kind in Europe, depicting the Dormition of the Mother of God surrounded by the apostles and her Assumption, scenes from the life of Christ and Mary, as well as Mary’s coronation by the Holy Trinity. All this is made of oak wood that is now over 1000 years old. The next point of the programme will be a visit to the Rynek Underground permanent exhibition: “Following the Traces of the European Identity of Krakow”, a peculiar archaeological park, which thanks to multimedia projections (many presented in three-dimensional technology) allows one to travel back in time to the beginning of the city. The relics presented in the museum (coins from the 14th century, ceramics, ornaments, medieval tools and hygienic equipment) document the centuries-old tradition of trade on the Krakow market square. From the footbridges suspended over the medieval routes, one can see former enclosures, houses, stalls, waterworks and graves, including medieval cobblestones.