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Every time we look for information about contemporary capitals of culture on the internet, a huge wealth of information and stories becomes available in a matter of seconds. Often, they are written in dozens of languages and are accessible from almost anywhere, regardless of which of the world’s many capitals of culture and cultural heritage we are most interested in at any point in time.

This is also the case with Krakow, a city with a royal pedigree and a rich history, but, at the same time, a city with a very clear focus on human capital, new technologies, development and progress, however, always in harmony with respect for historical memory and cultural heritage.

In June 2019, Krakow will host the 15th World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). This prestigious and important event consistently fits into the city’s overall contribution to the global debate on tourism and cultural heritage, its opportunities and threats.

We hope that this short video will become an inspiration to explore some of the many fascinating tales and stories related to Krakow, as well as the role and the importance of cultural heritage and tourism for the sustainable future of cities worldwide. Despite Krakow’s many challenges ahead, in this and other fields, it is very easy to come across residents who simply cannot imagine living in any other place in Poland.

The capitals of cultural heritage, scattered all over the world, are absolutely unique spaces of human activity. Despite the fact that it is often easy to find similarities between cities, even those located thousands of kilometres apart, their uniqueness and attractiveness is often demonstrated primarily by their elusive individuality, their special ambience, their distinctive combination of a very large number of factors and variables.

We hope that discovering Krakow during this year’s 15th World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities, the city’s unique genius loci, will be a pleasure and a source of much valuable inspiration. May the conversations and the exchange of creative ideas and know-how, that will take place during the Congress in Krakow, play an important role in the positive development of the many cities, places and organizations you will come to represent here in Krakow.